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Here you’ll find tools and equipment that I’ve tested in my business and recommend to my clients.

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 Create a Website


If you are going to be doing anything online, you are going to need a website.

There are a ton of options from open source software like Wordpress to companies like Wix, Squarespace, and Leadpages that offer all-in-one solutions that include hosting, domain name registration and professional design templates for one low monthly fee.

The option that is best for you will depend on your specific needs and skill level, so I’ve listed a couple different choices below.

  1. Best for Beginners: Wix

My top pick for beginners who need a simple site to start a blog or promote digital products and services is Wix.

They offer several inexpensive premium plans starting at just $13/month. This includes your custom domain name and hosting.

They also offer a free option!

Here are a couple examples of websites made with Wix:

Click here to see more examples.

With Wix, you can have a professional looking site up and running in less than an hour even if you have no technical or design skills. Everything is drag and drop.

2. Full Customization: Wordpress


PROS: Wordpress is a free open source program that is perfect for people who want the ability to fully customize their website.

While website services like Wix and Leadpages give you a lot of options for making your site look exactly the way you want, there are some limitations when it comes to advanced customization and functionality.

While Wordpress itself is free, you are going to have register your own domain name and pay for hosting separately.

I recommend using Bluehost for hosting and getting your domain set up. They offer plans starting at just $3.95/month. Bluehost also makes it easy to get set up with Wordpress. You can do everything from right inside their dashboard.

Wordpress offers a few basic themes for free, but if you want the ability to fully customize your site with advanced module based “drag and drop” functionality, I’d recommend the DIVI theme by Elegant Themes.

I have personally used this theme and highly recommend it to Wordpress users.

CONS: The downsides of using Wordpress to build your website is that you constantly have to update plugins. If you use a service like Wix or Leadpages (see below) they take care of all updates.

In my personal experience, you are more vulnerable to having your site hacked if you are using Wordpress. I had this happen to me because I just didn’t understand how to secure my site well enough on my own and I didn’t want to have to spend the time to learn.

I eventually switched moved my site to an all-in-one platform that monitors and manages security issues for me so that I don’t have to worry about losing access to my own website.

3. Conversion Optimization: Leadpages Sites

I’ve used Leadpages to create simple landing pages and pop-ups for collecting email address for years now. But Leadpages recently added new functionality that allows you to create full websites that are designed to convert visitors into subscribers and/or customers.

Leadpages Site Builder 2019-06-06 14-36-34.jpg

At $25 a month for the standard plan, Leadpages is more expensive than your basic website builder. However, Leadpages offers advanced marketing features like:

  • pop-ups,

  • alert bars,

  • Facebook & Instagram ads builder,

  • A/B split testing,

  • payment processing,

  • advanced integrations,

  • text message campaigns, and

  • weekly coaching to help you get optimize your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for tool that will give you a beautiful, easy to build site with advanced marketing capabilities, Leadpages Sites might just be the best bang for your buck.