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Grow your business with audiobooks

I help authors and narrators create and sell audiobooks on Audible, iTunes, Amazon, and more! 
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Free Courses & Workshops

Introduction to Audiobooks


Great starting point for authors and narrators who are new to audiobook creation.

Audiobooks for Authors

A workshop just for authors who want to turn their book into an audiobook.

Auditioning for narrators


Submit your first audiobook audition and get your first paid gig with this 5-Day Challenge!

ACX Audio Requirements

Don't let your audiobook get rejected! This tutorial makes the requirements easy to understand. 

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Audio Equipment Guide

Find the best microphones, recording software and audio equipment to fit your budget.

Audiobooks with Audacity

Step-by-step online course for recording, editing, and mastering audiobooks in Audacity

You want to start recording audiobooks for Audible, iTunes, Amazon and the other popular audiobook download sites.

It seems like it should be a piece of cake.

Just plug in your microphone and start reading...

But then you come across the industry standard audio submission requirements and suddenly you're feeling stumped. 

What does "noise floor mean?"

What are my "peak levels?"

What's "RMS" and how do I get mine within the range that ACX, Author's Republic, Audible, and Amazon all require? 

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Wasn't this supposed to be simple? 

Listen, I feel your pain. 

These are the same issues I had when I first started recording audiobooks for ACX using Audacity. 

It took me months to figure it all out on my own. 

In fact, my first few books were rejected by ACX. 

It was embarrassing. 

But I stuck with it until I figured out a process for editing and mastering in Audacity that works every time. 

This process helped me save hours on each book that I recorded and produced so I could focus on auditioning for more projects and earning more income. 

Having step-by-step instructions to follow gave me confidence that my books would always be accepted and it can do the same for you too. 

That's why I created a self-paced online course called "Audiobooks with Audacity," to show you exactly what you need to do to edit and master your audiobook using the same step-by-step process that I've used to produce more than fifty audiobooks.