How to Set Up Your Rode Nt-1A Microphone or Nt-1 Kit

In this video I walk through how to set up a Rode Nt1-A microphone with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface.

If you are using the Rode Nt-1 kit with included interface, the setup process is nearly identical.

Here’s what I cover in the video:

  • Attaching your shock mount to your mic stand.

  • Inserting your mic into the shock mount.

  • Positioning the microphone in the correct direction (the Rode Nt1-A has a cardioid pickup pattern which means that it only picks up sound from the front and rejects sound from the back and sides. The front of the mic is indicated with a circle.)

  • Adjusting the attached pop filter.

  • Connecting your microphone to your interface with an XLR cable.

  • Connecting your interface to your computer with a USB cable.

  • Understanding the functions, dials, and switches on your interface.

  • Selecting your interface as your “recording device” inside of Audacity.

  • Adjusting your recording levels in Audacity.

Krystal Wascher