How much money can you make recording audiobooks from home?

When people ask me what I do for a living, they are usually surprised. My standard answer is that, “I get paid to read books out loud.” In other words, I’m a full time audiobook narrator.

The question that usually follows is, “How much can you make doing THAT?”

Most people are shocked when I tell them how much I usually make per book. But before start showing you blunt numbers, let me tell you a little more about how audiobook narrators get paid.



There are two main types of audiobooks “deals,”

  1. Royalty share, and
  2. Flat rate or “PFH.”

Since I get all of my royalty share deals through, I’m entitled to 50% of whatever the author gets (after Audible takes their cut.) So, for example, if the author makes $8 on every audiobook sale, I get $4 — every time one of their books is sold.

This is a great deal if the book is selling well. For example, if my share is $4 per book and that one book sells 200 copies in a month, then that one book will make me $800 per month or, roughly $9600 each year. If I have narrate 12 books per year (or one per month) my annual royalties would hit an average of $115,200. And that’s all passive income.

Now, I won’t promise you that every book will sell that well. In fact, a lot of books don’t sell that well. But if you are savvy about the types of books that you audition for and ultimately narrate, you can see the potential to earn large amounts of passive income through royalties here. I go the factors that you should consider when choosing royalty share books to find the ones that are likely to pay the most over time in my free 5-Day Audiobook Audition Challenge.

Now let’s talk about flat rate or “PFH” audiobook deals.

A “PFH” deal is one where you get paid X number of dollars for every hour of the book. For example, if you were getting paid $100 per hour and the book ends up being 10 hours long, you would get a check for $1000 for the book.

But you might be thinking, “That sounds pretty good, but what are my chances of getting flat rate books deals that pay this much?”

If you submit auditions a couple of times each week (and auditions are short — usually 3-5 minutes) I would be willing to bet that you would get at least a couple of offers like this each month.

The average per hour rate that I’m seeing on a regular basis is between $75 and $100 per hour. Here’s a screen shot of a book offer that I just got a few days ago.

So for a 7 hour book, I’ll make $610. This is a pretty average deal. It not the lowest, and certainly not the highest offer that I’ve received. But it’s a good representation of what I’m getting on a regular basis.

The next question I usually get is, “Okay, but don’t you need special training and expensive equipment to get offers like this?”

Absolutely not.

I have ZERO formal voice or acting training. I am completely self taught. I got started in audiobook narration because I liked to read and thought it would be a fun way to earn some extra money. I also got started with nothing more than my computer and an inexpensive USB microphone that I got used on Amazon for around $30.

Once I started to see the opportunities that existed in audiobook narration, I decided to turn it into my full time business. Audiobooks are now the fastest growing form of media in the world. Last year more audiobooks were downloaded than ebooks. Authors are racing to get their books into Audible as fast as they can to take advantage of the growing market.

Right now there are more than 2500 titles on ACX alone that are looking for a narrator ASAP!

In fact, the last time that I offered my 5-Day Audiobook Audition Challenge, some participants were getting book offers right after they set up a profile and added an audio sample. They didn’t even have to audition! And after submitting their first audition, many of the participants of the challenge reported getting books offers within just a few days!

The results of that very first challenge were so remarkable that I’ve decided to run it again. If you would like to learn how to start profiting from audiobooks and submit your first audition for a real book within just five days, then you should join us for the next round of our 5-Day Audiobook Audition Challenge!  

During the challenge you’ll learn how to set up a narrator profile that make you look attractive to authors (even of you don’t have any voice training or experience), create short audio samples to show off your natural talent, find real books that are the best fit for your voice and interests, and how to record, edit and submit your first real audiobook audition!

So, are YOU in?