Do You Need a "Nice Voice" to Record Audiobooks?

I’ve been getting this question a lot from people who are interested in the concept of narrating audiobooks, but aren’t sure if their voice is “good enough.”

Let me ask you this —

What does a “good” voice sound like?

Does it sound professional?












I think we can all agree that — “it depends.”

It depends on what the book is about and who the characters are.

You wouldn’t want to listen to romance novel that is read by someone using an uptight, professional voice the entire time. And you wouldn’t want to listen to a business book that is read in an overly dramatic tone – it would sound ridiculous.

The point that I’m driving at is that every book needs a different kind of voice. And every author will have a specific type of “voice” in mind for their book. They may be looking for a certain gender, accent, or dialect and your voice could be a perfect fit for what they are looking for.

I have a odd accent and my “voice” is somewhat quirky, but I get dozens of offers each week to narrate books in all kinds of genres.


Think about all of the different actors that are famous.

They all look and sound drastically different. No two are same. So what is it that makes them so “good?”

It’s not the sound or tone of their voice. It’s their ability to play a certain role, to bring a character to life, to inject emotion into the story.


Audiobook narrators are actors.

In my opinion, anyone can narrate audiobooks. Everyone has a unique voice, personality, and sound to bring to the table. Some authors will love your voice and others won’t (no big deal.) It’s the same way that actors get cast for certain roles in a movie.

The act of choosing a “good” voice is a completely subjective process based on the author’s personal taste.

The only way to know if your “voice” is right for a book is to audition. If you aren’t chosen for a particular book it doesn’t mean that your voice isn’t “good,” it just means that you weren’t the best fit for the book based on the author’s personal option. You just have to be persistent.

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