Want to start feeling happier? 


I think most people, including myself would say, "YES, PLEASE!"

Most of us are over-worked, stressed, pressed for time, and running on fumes. We wake up everyday and go through the motions... work, kids, laundry, bills, errands, repeat, ugh. Am I right? 

The problem is that when you don't make your own self-care and happiness a priority, you can start to feel drained, burned out, and even depressed, very quickly. 

But what does "self-care" really mean?

Most of us think it means taking an exotic vacation or splurging on an expensive spa visit. Those things are nice, but they aren't practical for most people. Even if you get to go on your dream vacation once a year, how do you stay happy, joyful, and energetic the rest of the year? 

You need simple, effective strategies that are quick and easy to implement in your daily life.

That's exactly what I was looking for when I stumbled upon the book, "21 Days to Happiness." 

The book was written by psychologist and happiness expert, Ingrid Kelada. Let me tell you, this women truly is an expert in happiness. She's studied the science behind what makes people happy and has created an amazing book filled with simple exercises that anyone can do to start feeling happier almost immediately. 

You might not know much about me yet, but I'm an audiobook narrator (that's me in the video below.)

I got so much value out of reading this book that I reached out to Ingrid (the author) to see if she would give me the honor of narrating and producing the audiobook version. And guess what? She said "YES!"

The audiobook was just released on Amazon and Audible and I'd love for you to check it out! You can get it on Amazon here (and it will play right in your Audible app.)

If you happen to be a new Audible listener, you can download this audiobook for free (plus one additional audiobook for a total of 2 free audiobooks) when you sign up for a free trial subscription to Audible using this link. (Don't worry, you can cancel at any time, but you might as well take advantage of the free audiobook offer while it lasts.)

One of the many things that I loved about this book was that it's so interactive.

The author sets you up for success by giving you access to a free "happiness questionnaire" so you can measure your current level of happiness and see which areas could use a little work. From there, you are guided through 21 daily action exercises that will actually make you feel HAPPIER! 

I tried them myself as I was narrating the book and I have to say, I started to feel happier almost instantly after trying the first exercise.

There are are also a ton of additional free resources that the author has curated for each chapter to make implementation easy and fun.

My favorite part was that this audiobook doesn't just tell you WHAT to do, but explains the psychology and science behind WHY each activity is important for achieving a happier, more productive and energetic life.

If you'd like 21 simple, but effective exercises that will help you feel happier right away, download your audio copy of "21 Days to Happiness" and start listening today.