Free Video Course

Intro to Audiobook Narration

What You'll Learn


Module One

The Business of Audiobooks

Learn essential stats about the audiobook industry and why now is the best time to learn audiobook production -- a skill that will be in demand for years to come.


Module Two

What's Involved?

Find out exactly what narrators do, the difference between traditional narrators and audiobook producers, and the big myth that holds many people back from pursuing work in the audiobook industry.


Module Three

Money Talks

Wondering how much you can really make as a narrator? We'll go over all your money questions and I'll show you my strategy for growing a sustainable income stream with audiobooks.


Module Four

Gear + Studio Set-up 

Learn which tools you will need to get started and how to set-up a "pro" sounding audiobook recording studio in your own home even if you don’t have big budget for equipment.


Module Five

Finding Work As a Narrator 

I'll show you exactly where to find thousands of books that are actively seeking narrators and how to tell if a deal is "good" (aka. likely to be profitable) or not.