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intro to audiobooks

Just getting started with audiobooks? Learn all the essentials with this free course. 

You'll learn: 

  • Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to break into the audiobook industry and how you can get started recording from home. 
  • What involved - find out exactly what narrators do, how they find work, and how they get paid. 
  • How to set up your own home audiobook recording studio even if you're on a tight budget. 

ACX Audiobook Audition masterclass

Kick off your freelance audiobook career with this action packed workshop and submit your first audition for a PAID audiobook project on ACX. This workshop was created with the absolute beginner in mind. No prior experience is necessary. Just bring your microphone and get ready to take action! 

class starting soon! 

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Don't let ACX availability get you down. Come and learn how to get started as a freelance audiobook narrator by offering your voice over and audio editing services on key platforms. 

Audiobooks with Audacity

(This course was created specifically for new narrators.) 

This in-depth course teaches new narrators and voice artists how to get started with audiobook narration and production. We dive deep into the technical aspects of audio production and provide a step-by-step process for satisfying the ACX Submission requirements using Audacity and successfully getting your first audiobook approved for sale on Audible.com

This course will be opening soon but enrollment is limited. Sign up for our waitlist to save your spot and be the first to hear about registration details. 

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Audiobook Recording for  Authors

This step-by-step course shows you how to record, edit, and master your own audiobook using the free recording software program, Audacity. Everything from setting up your recording space, to equipment, to choosing the best distribution option is covered.

Everything is laid out in the specific order in which it needs to be completed. We've completely taken the guess work out of creating high quality audiobooks that you will be able to sell on Audible, iTunes, Amazon or any other distributor of your choice. 

ACX Project Management for authors

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully outsource the production of your audiobook through ACX.

Topics covered include: 

  • Distribution options,
  • Exclusivity contracts,
  • Budgeting and payment terms,
  • Choosing the right narrator for your project,
  • Setting timelines and expectations,
  • Requesting revisions,
  • Common pitfalls,
  • and more. 

Enrollment opening soon!

beta class starting soon!

Currently accepting beta testers!


Audio Product creation for bloggers

The most overlooked source of passive income for bloggers is audio. Audio is more popular that ever before and has a higher perceived value that text-based products. 

In this course you'll learn how to create high-quality, high-value audio products like audio-only courses, audio opt-in offers that dramatically increase conversion rates.

You'll also learn how to turn your existing content into an audiobook that can be sold in major audiobook retailers like Audible.com to help you get more traffic, exposure, and authority for your brand and site.