5-day Audiobook Audition Challenge

Submit your first audition for a paid audiobook project in just 5 days -- even if you have never recorded before.


Challenge Details

The goal of this 5-day challenge is to help you submit your first audition for a paid audiobook project within five days -- even if you've never recorded anything before. 

Each day during the challenge you'll get a video lesson with a specific task that is focused on moving you one step closer to your goal.

You'll also have access to an internal discussion forum so you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, get support, and keep the momentum going!


Here's sample of what you'll achieve by completing this challenge: 

  • A completed narrator profile on ACX that makes you look like a pro even if you're just getting started. 
  • Audio samples or "demo" recordings to show off your voice and help authors/publishers find you easily and hire you for future projects. 
  • You'll know how and where to find paid projects that are a good potential fit for your voice and skills. 
  • Technical tutorials for recording and submitting auditions. 

Who is the Audiobook Audition challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone who would like to learn more about freelance audiobook narration and is perfect for anyone interested in earning extra income by narrating audiobooks. 

This interactive workshop was built with the absolute beginner in mind, so you don't need any prior experience in order to participate. 

During the challenge we will be using be using a site called ACX. This is an Amazon-owned platform that helps connect author and publishers with freelance narrators. At this time, ACX is only available in the US and the UK. If you live outside ACX territory, consider signing up for the next session of my "International Audiobook Creator" workshop instead. 


What will I need to get the most out of this challenge? 

Quick Answer:

  • Basic Computer
  • Audacity (free audio recording software)
  • Microphone
  • Pop Filter

My goal is to show you how to get started recording audiobooks with as little financial investment as possible. During the challenge I show you how to use a free audio recording program called Audacity to record your audio samples and audiobook auditions. 

In order to run Audacity, you will need a computer. Either a PC or MAC is fine. You can use either a desktop or laptop. At this time, most tablets and smartphones are not capable of running Audacity. 

You will also need an external microphone (ideally with a pop filter) to audition for paid audiobook projects.

Contrary to what you may hear or read elsewhere on the web, you do not need to spend a lot on equipment to get started. If recorded my first fifteen books with a basic USB microphone that I bought on eBay for less than $30. 

Here is the microphone that I recommend for beginners on a budget. If you end up recording one short book, you can easily make back the amount that you'll spend on your starter equipment. You can also find lots of equipment recommendations on our "Audio Recording Tools" page. 


Does it cost anything to participate? 

Nope! This challenge is 100% free.