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DIY Audiobooks for Authors

You know that turning your book into an audiobook can have a huge impact on your income and audience reach, and you've decided that you want to create your audiobook on your own, but you're not 100% sure that you understand how it all works. 

That's where my brand new online course, "DIY Audiobooks for Authors" can help!

This zero-fluff, step-by-step course will help you quickly turn your book into a high quality audiobook that will delight your fans, boost your book's revenue, and help you reach an entirely new audience. 

I'm looking for a few adventurous authors who would like to work through this course before it launches. 

Here's who I'm looking for:

1) You have completed a book (it doesn't need to be published and it can be any length or genre), 

2) You want to record the audio version yourself, and 

3) You are willing to give me brief, but honest feedback on the effectiveness of this course. 


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